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Meet our Linen Collection from India

 A few hours travel by train from the bustling metropolis of Kolkata in West Bengal, is the town of Phulia. This town has been renowned as a centre of excellence in hand weaving since Partition when hundreds of skilled weavers migrated here from Bangladesh. Seeking new lives, they established themselves in Phulia, building hand looms and specialising in complex weaves like jacquard and jamdani, which are designs based on their Tangail sari culture of their home towns.​ Our Artisan Partners  From the late 1950s, weavers began to form cooperative societies to organise and better market their products. Our weaving partner is in one such village weaving society established in 1958 by 52 local weavers. Today the society consists of 213 member weavers and workers, coming from the villages...

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