Sustainable Shawls and Sustainable Clothing

Cotton drying in the sun. Kerala, India


Our products are created by hand with centuries of tradition behind them, from sustainable clothing to 100% pure pashmina shawls. There's nothing mass-produced here - and it shows in the quality. Each of our products bears the hallmark of individual care and attention.  Every asunsti product has a different story to tell but all reflect our passion - to combine small scale production with "Fair Trade" principles.


asunsti is an anagram of the word ‘sustain’. At its heart lies the Kashmiri word ‘asun’, meaning ‘smile’ or ‘be happy’. This is what asunsti is all about – it’s what we share with craftsmen and women, properly and sustainably paid for their skills – and with you, as you wear the fruits of generations of talented weavers and embroiderers.


asunsti is a sustainable clothing brand creating products that are made predominantly by women, working co-operatively. Many have formed supportive groups, sharing traditional techniques and teaching new generations the skills of hand-working. Along with our partners we aim to provide dignified and sustainable work with fair wages for our women artisans, and allowing women to work in a free and open environment. 

asunsti opposes child labour and with its partners monitors production stringently.

We aim to be open and transparent in all aspects of our business.


I am Kate the owner of Asunsti, a Shawl and sustainable clothing brandKATE

"I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, initially for an airline and later just for pleasure. A love of travel remains with me today and has opened my eyes to an amazing world, full of unique and beautiful textiles.  An interest developed around pieces which had been traditionally hand-crafted, using skills passed down through generations. The amazing skills of artisans have shown me a uniqueness and quality that mass-manufactured pieces just do not offer.
Wonderful family years intervened, and clipped my wings somewhat. However two children, and four grandchildren later, I decided that my interest could be transformed into a small business venture and asunsti began.
Of great importance to me in all this is the way these beautiful and unique items are sourced.  Artisans are paid a fair wage, and can make a sustainable income. Quality is never compromised.
My many travels have made me aware of the many inequalities shown to women throughout the world, so where possible we buy from women and women’s co-operatives, and organisations which demonstrate equality in employment.
We hope you will love and enjoy our wonderful products and their stories."