Orange linen shawl called Telba
Grey linen shawl called Telba
Blue linen shawl called Telba
Blue linen shawl called Telba
Pink linen shawl called Telba
Grey linen shawl called Telba
White linen shawl called Telba
White linen shawl called Telba

Telba - Handwoven Linen Shawl From Ethiopia

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The World Fair Trade Organisation; their highly skilled artisans make wonderful textiles of an international quality and standard. Using amazing weaving techniques and with wonderful dyeing and finishing, these linen shawl wraps are beautiful works of art. Super luxurious - these linen shawls are made of the most environmentally friendly material and one that will only improve with each wear. 

A lovely voluminous size, which will keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
The high quality linen is imported from Belgium then hand loomed on traditional wooden looms in Addis Ababa.  
Sabahar is one of the premier weaving companies in Africa.
Ethical, sustainable and "Fair Trade" - the perfect gift! 

                                         Size  70cm x 200cm
Please treat your shawl kindly.  Cold hand wash in mild detergent. Line dry in shade. Iron if necessary.

Experience the essence of Ethiopian craftsmanship with Telba, a handwoven linen shawl exuding elegance and authenticity. Each shawl is carefully created by skilled artisans, blending centuries of tradition with contemporary design. The result? A timeless accessory that transcends seasons, effortlessly complementing any outfit.

Derived from the finest Belgian linen, Telba embodies sustainability at its core. From its eco-conscious sourcing to its handcrafted production, every step of the journey reflects a commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship. By choosing Telba, you not only adorn yourself in luxury but also support the livelihoods of artisans and contribute to the preservation of age-old weaving techniques.

Wrap yourself in the soft embrace of Telba's breathable fabric, offering comfort and versatility for every occasion. Whether draped over your shoulders on a cool summer evening or layered under a coat during winter, Telba adapts to your lifestyle with ease. With its generous dimensions, this shawl provides ample coverage while remaining lightweight and airy.

Embrace the spirit of fair trade and sustainability with Telba - a symbol of timeless beauty, ethical craftsmanship, and cultural heritage.