Peace Sik Scarf
Hand woven "Peace Silk "Scarf
Peace Silk Scarf
Peace Silk Scarf
Hand Woven Eri Silk Scarf
Scarf with Natural Dye
Eri Silk Scarf
Eri Silk Scarf
Eri Silk Scarf with Natural Dye
Peace Silk Scarf
Peace Silk Scarf with natural Dye
Peace Silk Scarf
Peace Silk Scarf - Natural Dye

Dora -Hand Woven Eri Silk Scarf

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A gorgeous handwoven silk scarf dyed using natural dyes. Fabulous, ethically sourced and made from cruelty free silk, this is a fabulous gift.
... or why not treat yourself?
The silk drapes beautifully and is buttery soft. Then natural dyes are used making this a "stand out" accessory.

Crafted by a not for profit community nestled in Kumaon, in the foothills of the Himalayas, in home spun & hand woven Eri Peace Silk, yarn dyed in exclusively natural colours including indigo, lac, Eupatorium and marigold.

A perfect gift for a vegan. This silk scarf is made using "Peace Silk" a natural and cruelty free method of obtaining the silk -where no moth is killed in the process.

The colours and weave on these scarves make them multi-tonal and very beautiful.
Hand wash in cold non biological liquid. Dry in the shade.
Natural dyes will mellow with age, and we believe this just adds to the uniquness of each scarf.
30cm x 180cm + tassels
** Please note that these scarves are multi tonal and they are difficult to describe or to capture the colours in images**