our philosophy

Shawls and Sustainable Clothing

asunsti supports the Fashion Revolution: 

A global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.


Made from luxurious, sustainable textiles, including silks, cashmeres, cottons and wools, each glowing with the exquisite finish and detail that can only be achieved by hand.

Our products – our sustainable clothing and shawls– are hand-crafted with centuries of tradition behind them. There's nothing mass-produced here - and it shows in the quality and exceptional beauty of our textiles. Each product bears the hallmark of individual skill and attention to detail – luxury sustainable clothing. We are passionate about greater transparency, sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry. We believe artisans should be fairly paid for their extraordinary skills, and treated with dignity and respect. Every asunsti product has a different story to tell but all reflect our passion - to combine the beauty of natural textiles with ethical and sustainable small-scale production.

At asunsti, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just using eco-friendly materials. We carefully consider every aspect of our production process to minimise our environmental footprint. From sourcing raw materials from suppliers who share our values to utilising energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, we strive to uphold the highest standards of environmental stewardship. By choosing asunsti products, you're not only investing in beautifully crafted garments but also supporting a more sustainable fashion industry.

Furthermore, we prioritise ethical practices throughout our supply chain. We maintain close relationships with our artisans, ensuring they receive fair wages and safe working conditions. By championing fair trade principles, we empower local communities and promote economic stability. Transparency is at the core of our operations, and we invite you to learn more about the people and processes behind each of our products.

Join us in revolutionising the fashion industry one garment at a time. Experience the unmatched quality and timeless elegance of asunsti's ethical and sustainable shawls and clothing.