Round Straw Tote Bag
Straw Tote Bag

Hand Crafted in Bali - Straw Round Flower Bag

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Our Straw Flower bag is such a beautiful piece of craftmanship. The feature flowers are  completely hand crafted and intricately hand woven. This gorgeous Straw Tote Bag will make you stand out in the crowd; it is environmentally friendly and provides sustainable income for the artisans 

Hand crafted by women artisans, who work in a free and open environment. They work in the fields during the day, and in the evening weave to produce extra income for the household. Women can work in the home whilst looking after their children, or they come together in social groups. Each bag can take 2-3 days to make

  • Handmade from soft straw strings
  • Fully lined with natural cotton
  • Reinforcement on the sides
  • Magnetic snap closure

Size: 19"w x 13"h