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Angie - Large Pashmina Cashmere Shawl

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These double-sided  large  pashmina wraps  are made of the finest pashmina fabric, and hand made following centuries of tradition.
The pashmina wool is collected from Ladakhi goat herds, it is then hand spun and hand woven by a community of master crafts people in Kashmir.  Each shawl is super soft, light and warm.
Pashmina is also known as cashmere and has for centuries been used to produce some of the most exquisite scarves and shawls in the world. The fibre in these shawls has been Geographic Indicator tagged to ensure its authenticity .
The fibre is brought to Kashmir, where it passes through dozens of processes by highly skilled artisans. Any variations or irregularities are a wonderful and inherent part of a hand made shawl. The hand made process means the process is eco-friendly. All materials are natural and bio degradable.
The production of this item supports an entire community of goat herders and Kashmiri artisans.

Charcoal Black and Beige : 100% Pure Pashmina Cashmere
Size 100cm x 200cm - a lovely large wrap!
We would recommend you dry clean this wrap.
Store in a sealed plastic bag.