Pure Peace Silk Wrap - Natural Undyed. Soft creamy colour

Anna - Peace Silk Meditation Shawl

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Sumptuous, soft, sustainable Eri  Silk, in a soft cream natural colour.
 Eri is a species of silk worm that creates  this peace silk, naturally. Sometimes called Vegan silk, and known also as Ahimsa silk.
The silk is only harvested once the moths have left the cocoon. They are not boiled alive, as in conventional silk production. The silk fibre is hand spun, giving the fabric a slightly slubbed and thicker texture, and medium weight. Silk created in this way retains properties lost during conventional means of silk production. It retains warmth in winter and breathes in the heat so is comfortable to wear year round.
 Finished with raw edges. Hand spun and woven by rural weavers in Assam.
Use your Ahimsa Silk for meditation? Perfect -  because Ahimsa silk takes its name from the Buddhist, Hindu and Jain concept of Ahimsa or non-violence towards others. This shawl, which wraps you in its soft folds, is entirely hand made, vegan silk; the perfect companion for your meditation practice. 
90cm x 215cm

Please treat your shawl kindly.  Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Line dry in the shade and iron if necessary.
Minor irregularities are a wonderful part of a hand made shawl that we would ask you to embrace.